2 in 1 LED Night Light Power Failure Light

These may not be the newest or most wanted tech, but it’s very functional. One of the things I always think about when looking at products is how functional is it. Is this product only to show off (cough… getting new iPhone every year) or is it actually functional and useful?

I’m sure there have been times when you’ve had to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and I’m sure you’ve experience power failures before and scrambled around in the dark to find a flash light.

In any of these cases, having a night and emergency light is useful. Instead of getting two separate devices that may not look good sticking out of the wall with huge lamps and whatnot, you can get these 2 in 1 LED night light and power failure lights.

I’ve got several of these placed around my house in the common areas such as such as the living room, loft and hallways. They barely stick out from the wall and don’t look like an eyesore.

There are 3 modes you can put the unit into.

  • Power Failure Mode
  • Automatic Night Light + Power Failure – Low intensity
  • Automatic Night Light + Power Failure – High intensity

For those that I have in the common areas, I have them set to low intensity automatic night light and power failure. At night, the living room, loft and hallways have enough lighting from these units that you won’t be stumbling around and if the power goes out, these will automatically turn on.

For those that I have in the bedrooms, I have them set to power failure only, but you can set it however you like, of course.

The intensity settings is only for the night light mode. Even when it’s set to automatic night light and power failure, if you have it set to low intensity and when the power goes off, it’ll be initiate the power failure mode. In power failure mode, there’s only one intensity setting, which appears to be high and it’ll last for at least 3 hours on battery.

Another good thing that many people don’t think about anymore is that it uses LED lights instead of the old incandescent lightbulbs. With LEDs, you usually never have to change the bulbs. The device or circuitry usually burns out before the LED will. Overall, in all the years I’ve had LED lighting type devices, I’ve never had to replace any.

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