Anker PowerPort Solar – Fast solar charging on the go

These days, even when out camping and enjoying nature, we just can’t get enough of our electronics. Every time we go hiking up in the mountains and whatnot, we always see people on their phones or even iPads. C’mon people, why go hiking if you’re just going to be stuck to your phone or tablet? Either way, if you are stuck to your device, why not bring an Anker PowerPort Portable Solar Charger with you.

Anyway, for those of you out camping or backpacking, I know that the smartphone and other electronics are indispensable. Then what happens when you run out of power? You can always carry battery backup charges. But if you’re out for an extended amount of time, that may not be enough.

In these situations, I suggest having a solar charger. There’s actually quite a bit of portable solar chargers on the market but the PowerPort Solar from Anker does have some good features.


Off-the-grid Power – I’ve always been into solar-powered products since I was young. The reason I’ve been into solar power is that it’s limitless power as long as you have the sun.

Over 20 years ago in my teens, I had small solar cells that I would solder together and use to power little gadgets here and there. They didn’t have these portable solar chargers back then and boy did I wish they did.

Fast Charging Technology – The charging rate for your devices can mean it’ll take either half the day to charge or only a couple of hours. Most other portable solar charges use standard circuitry to be compatible with all devices but it also means that your device will charge very slowly.

With the Anker PowerPort Solar, it’s got smart charging so when you plug in your device, it knows what type of device it is and charges it at the fastest rate it can, which is up to 2.4 amps.

Superior Portability – The design of the PowerPort Solar is fairly compact compared to others I’ve seen. Some of the others are built into bulky plastic or metal casing with a kickstand and all of these add to the weight.

The rugged but lightweight design also includes stainless-steel eye-holes on each corner so that you can easily attach them to your backpack or tent. When not in use, all you do is fold it up and put it in your pack.

Incredibly Durable – The solar panels are sewn into a high-wear polyester canvas that can withstand the trials of your outdoor adventures.

Advanced Safety – The PowerPort Solar includes short circuit and surge protection technology to keep you and your devices safe.


Based on what I’ve seen of this product and what others are saying, it’s definitely a good buy. I like the fact that you can fold the unit up and put it in your pack. Other products built into hard plastic cases don’t have the ability to cover the solar panels and I’m always afraid that when I put it into my pack with all my other stuff that it can scratch or crack the panels.

Fast charging capability is one of the better features. This way you don’t need to keep the solar panel out for too long to charge your devices.

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