Tesla Model 3 and Other Tesla Updates from Everything Tesla

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I’ve thought on and off on putting down a deposit for the Tesla Model 3. Initial pre-orders almost reached 400k and even if I were to put money down now, I probably wouldn’t get mine for quite some time. Once all pre-orders have been fulfilled, I’ve heard that purchasing a Model 3 from the store would offer more color options and so forth than what was initially offered during the pre-orders. So, I’m waiting to see.

Alex Guberman from Everything Tesla on YouTube gives not only the good news but also updates us on the bad happenings that affected Tesla from the IIHS ratings to stock pricing. All in all, despite any negative news on Tesla, they are one of my favorite companies.

I see Elon Musk as a visionary disrupting the marketplace and moving us forward. I’ve see it too many times where companies hold onto new technologies and shelve new patents because they can milk a ton of money using old technology. The main culprits are in the gas and energy sector. There is so much new and exciting technologies available, some of which I’m sure most people have never even heard of and seen because they’re locked away in the corporate vault. This is what I call Greed over Innovation.

One of the big topics during the elections here in the US was the coal sector and bringing coal jobs back. I don’t agree with this unless we’ve discovered a new way to use coal that’s more efficient and cheaper. But right now, it’s actually cheaper and more efficient to use natural gas to generate power. I’m surprised that there are people, especially those at the highest levels of the US Government (I won’t name who) that don’t see the potential to using natural gas over coal.

For those who lost their coal mining jobs, I do feel for you. However, one of the facts of life is that nothing is permanent. Even for those of us in technology, if we don’t keep up and learn new skills and new technology, we would eventually be out of the job as well. For example, those who were experts on old mainframe servers back in the day, well, there’s barely any company left that uses this technology. Those server admins who did not keep up with new server technology lost their jobs and found it hard to find another.

I know people who have gone back to school in their 30’s and 40’s, taken out loans to do so, and came out stronger than before with their new found education and knowledge.

Anyway, I’ve digressed a bit too much here. To sum it up, all I can say is that I am optimistic about the future of humanity due to people like Elon Musk and many of the other tech leaders in the world.

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