Leatherman’s Tempo Tread Watch

When I travel, I always have some type of multi-tool and other items such as a small roll of duct tape, emergency ponchos and blankets, etc. Even though I never joined the boy scouts, I’ve always lived by the motto to always be prepared. Sometimes too prepared according to some people to the point where I’m carrying more than I’ll ever need for that trip. But, you never know when you need it, right? Over time, I have cut back but the multi-tool is still essential wherever I go.

Leatherman recently announced a watch called the Tempo Tread Watch where the band of the watch is the multi-tool, minus a knife though. That would be seriously uncomfortable if a knife blade was part of the watch band.

Normally, I don’t like to wear watches. If I need the time, I always have my phone just like everybody else. However, on road trips and overseas travel, I do wear my watch so that I don’t always have to pull out my phone when I’ve got it in my pack or something.

So when I saw this product, it would be the perfect gift for me. Hint hint… Just kidding.

The Tread band isn’t new actually. It’s been around since 2015 and there are adapters where you can fit this multi-tool band onto other watches. But, this is the first Leatherman Watch product and they have perfectly integrated the Tread band with it.

Just like the original Tread band, the Tempo features stainless steel links that can be equipped with interchangeable tools like screwdrivers, SIM card picks, and hex wrenches. Each of the tools double as a link on the band and you can pick from a variety of tools to build your band.

The watch itself is water resistant for up to 200 meters and it is TSA friendly, which means it doesn’t have a knife blade as part of the multi-tool band and the tools don’t exceed a certain length.

It’s currently not available until November but when it is, it’ll retail for $575. That’s a pretty hefty price for a multi-tool watch but then again, Leatherman is a good brand and you can depend on its quality.

If you can’t wait for the watch but you want the Tread band now, or the Tread Bracelet actually, it’s currently available in both stainless steel and black. See the product link below for more.

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