We Are All Makers | Intel

This video may be a couple of months old but I love the message it’s conveying. I also started at a young age taking things apart and then trying to put them back together, sometimes without success. Hahaha. I loved getting builder kits and modifying and rebuilding things to improve it and what not. These days, it is so much easier to get the tools, parts and information to build a wide variety of things that your imagination can think of. 20 years ago, not so much, but I still had fun with what I could get my hands on.

With the availability of 3D printers, anybody can prototype practically anything now and I love it! In the past, I would use and modify project boxes to get it into the size and shape I needed it for. Now, we can just print what we need and pop in the electronics to get it going. This is truly a wonderful time to be alive.

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