BioLite FirePit

BioLite FirePit: See Fire, Not Smoke

You wouldn’t think that there would be any sort of tech to help fire pits burn better. I’ve always wanted a fire pit in my backyard and with my new house, I’ve now got a fire pit. But, it’s difficult to sit around the fire pit as its burning when the wind blows in all directions because the smoke will blow right into you too often. So, we have the fire pit in one corner of the yard and patio seating on the other side.

BioLite has introduced a new product, which they have labeled FirePit, that includes electronics that circulate the smoke to help the wood burn cleaner.

This isn’t new for BioLite. They have used this type of tech for their other products such as the CampStoves and BaseCamps. But, they haven’t used it for a product of this size where you can put in a full-size firewood.

The FirePit is just that, a smart fire pit. It doesn’t have the other features that BioLite is known for such as charging capabilities for your products. The FirePit was designed exclusively to have a better fire pit.

The smoke that you see with bonfires and fire pits is basically particulate matter, or unburnt fuel. With the FirePit, the built in air circulation feature using 51 air jets inject the fire with oxygen along key locations, which creates a more uniform temperature and mixing of gases inside the fire which dramatically improves combustion.

By doing this, you get two important aspects: 1) A beautiful smokeless fire and 2) a more efficient burn.

Another nice feature is the X-Ray Mesh Body. Who doesn’t like watching the Christmas Yule Log? I love fireplaces and fire pits. Part of it is watching the flames. There’s just something so peaceful about watching fire. Odd isn’t it.

With the X-Ray Mesh Body, you can see the beautiful flames with the glowing embers on the bottom, something you can’t see in other fire pits.

The features don’t end there. Start the FirePit with charcoal, pop the grill top on and grill your favorite foods. It’s not just a smart fire pit, it’s also a grill. Once you’re done grilling and the leftover charcoals almost out, throw a piece of firewood in and watch it catch.

I would say this is the perfect camping companion. It’s definitely too bulky for a back country backpacking trip, but for those who can drive up to their camp site, this is a must have.

This is currently on KickStarter and to see that it has not only passed its goal of $100,000 but exceeded it by about 10 times with 25 days still to go, I’m not the only one to think this will be a great product.

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