Tesla Model X First Impressions

This past weekend, we stopped by a Tesla dealer to check out the Model X. We’ve started to see more and more on the road each day and we were curious to see if they had the Model 3 as well in the showroom.

Unfortunately, they still did not have the Model 3 in the showroom. We were told that they won’t have one until December.

So, while we were there, we checked out the Model S and Model X that was in the showroom. This wasn’t our first time there and we’ve seen the Model S already so it was more of the Model X that we looked at and asked questions about.

Seat Configurations

One of the options we liked were the possible seat configurations. Not many people realize this but you can get a Model X as a 7 seater. The way it’ll work is the middle row is a 3 seater and the 3rd row is a two seater. The reason the 3rd row can only be a two seater is that it’s got a shorter width because of the wheel wells right in line with the 3rd row.

Even though the Model X isn’t a full size SUV, rather a Crossover, nobody thought it would be able to accommodate a 3rd row. Even with the 3rd row, trunk space didn’t seem to be an issue as the trunk compartment in the back can extend further down below the normal trunk floor. And, since there is no gas engine in these cars, there’s also trunk space under the hood.

The model in the showroom was a 6-seater and with this configuration, there are multiple options as well. You can get it with or without a center console between the two middle row seats. Basically, a 6-seater configuration sits 2x2x2. Two people up front, two in the middle row and two in the 3rd row.

All-in-all, you can get the Model X in 5-seat, 6-seat and 7-seat configurations.

Falcon Wing Doors

Moving onto the falcon wing doors, they also had quite a bit of tech in them. These types of doors have been around for ages. Mercedes had the Gullwing using these types of doors back in 1954-55. But, with these types of doors, there were some concerns that we had that the Tesla rep brought up where new tech has been installed to alleviate these concerns.

One of my concerns is if you’re in a parking garage with low ceilings or crossbeams or if you have overhead garage storage, will the doors hit the ceiling. No, they won’t. They have sensors when you open the doors so that it stops before hitting anything above it.

Also, if you park with cars parked closely to you, the car will sense this and open the falcon doors more vertically as opposed to swinging out first so that it doesn’t hit the car next to you.


What can we say? There’s a ton of tech in Tesla cars and it’s all standard! Why is it that my Mercedes doesn’t come with backup cameras as standard when many other non-luxury cars come with them as standard features?

For the most part, much of the tech is standard because it’s needed for features such as auto-pilot, summoning and so forth.

The front windshield is like nothing I’ve seen before. The windshield extends all the way up to the crossbar of the falcon doors so you have unobstructed views straight forward and all the way up above you with no car frame in between. It’s a windshield and moon roof in one, as one piece. And, when it gets bright out, they say it actually darkens the glass so you don’t have the bright sun blazing down on you directly from above. They call this windshield the Panoramic Windshield and boy do you get that panoramic view.


Aside from getting an expensive luxury performance vehicle, nothing else really compares to the performance of Tesla cars. Even the standard version of the Model X comes with 417 hp! All other car companies said pure electric cars can’t be done right. Tesla proved them wrong and I’m glad they did. Some of these other companies need to take chances and stop selling decades old tech just because they can make a ton of money off of it. Tesla is proving the industry wrong that there’s a ton of money to be made with new tech.

All I can say is, “I WANT ONE NOW”.

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