Japanese Style Levitating Air Bonsai Pot

Do you remember watching Back to the Future as a kid for the first time and seeing the hoverboard in action? No, not the hoverboards that we have today with the wheels, but the levitating skateboard, minus the wheels, that Michael J. Fox rode in the movie. Do you remember how cool it would be to actually have technology like that? Well, it doesn’t seem like we’re too far off.

Here’s a product that would not only be a talking point in your house but it’ll also liven things up. It’s a Japanese style Levitating Air Bonsai Pot. I know it’s not exactly the technology that they imagined in the movie but it’s just cool to see levitation no matter how it’s achieved.

The technology behind it is actually fairly simple, but complex to get right. Have you ever tried to push two magnets with the same poles towards each other? They push against each other, right? But from doing this, you also know that you can’t easily levitate one magnet over the other without one flipping or falling over.

So, the question is how they are able to get the pot to stand up straight while the magnets push against each other? My only guess is that it uses multiple magnets in both the base and pot to create a field where the pot would “sit” in the middle of the magnet field of the base.

It definitely would be interesting to take one of these apart to verify my theory but that’s the only way I can see this working. If I am correct, it’s such a simple concept but still difficult to get right as you have to position the pot perfectly, otherwise it won’t work.

If someone bumps the table it’s on, the pot may shift enough to fall over so you’ll probably need to reposition it again.

This Levitating Air Bonsai Pot doesn’t come with a plant so you can plant whatever you want in it. I’m just wondering about balance over time though. If a plant starts to grow stronger in one direction, will it start to tilt the pot and then create an imbalance?

Either way, this product is just cool! Click the Product Info link below to check it out!

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