Tactical Pen and Self Defense Tool

I always felt that I should have been in the Boy Scouts because there’s one thing about me, I like to always Be Prepared. Everywhere I go, I always have a backpack with me with some essential gear because you just never know if you might need it. Even my work pack has some basic gear.

If I’m on a road trip or traveling overseas, I pack certain essential survival gear as well. Sometimes too much that I have to remove some when I weigh my luggage. For example, I would always have a multi-tool, small roll of duct tape, compass, flashlight, emergency blanket, backup battery charger, etc.

This is why when I saw this product, all I can say is that I wanted one and I want it now. This Tactical Pen and Self Defense Tool is just awesome. This would be one gear I would have with me at all times.

It’s a flashlight, pen, glass breaker, and a multi-tool that includes a bottle opener, hex wrench, polisher, and screwdriver. This combined with my other multi-tool that includes knives, pliers, and so forth and I’m set for anything and I wouldn’t be adding any weight since I can replace my flashlight with this tool.

If you’re traveling by plane, this tool is actually one of the rare EDC kits that you can carry to pass TSA security checks. One of the reasons why I believe it can pass TSA is that this tool doesn’t have a knife as part of the multi-tool section.

This tool is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and Tungsten steel and comes in a few different colors; stainless steel, black, grey, and red.

One way I like to travel is to cruise and many cruise lines actually won’t allow you to have multi-tools so they’ll confiscate it and then you get it back once your cruise is over. If this tactical pen and self-defense tool can pass TSA, I doubt the cruise lines will confiscate this but don’t quote me on that.

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