This 4 Person Premium Survival Kit is a Must in Every Household

I don’t consider myself a prepper but I can relate to them in some ways. Just this year alone with all the natural disasters we’ve had with hurricanes in Texas and Puerto Rico, you never know what may happen and it’s always best to try and be prepared. For many of the hardest-hit regions, there probably won’t be a full recovery for many years. That is why we all need this 4 Person Premium Survival Kit in our homes.

In Japan alone, many of those who were displaced and lost their homes from the major earthquake in 2011 are still living in temporary housing. It’s been six years and those regions are just barely rebuilding.

Since I’m in the Southern California region, the threat of the “Big One”, a devastating earthquake along the San Andreas fault line, is always on some people’s minds. It’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when”.

Before I saw this 4 Person Premium Survival Kit, I’ve already put together my own. I’ve got a good size camping pack with many of the same items as this kit. I’ve also included in my own kit a small ax because you just never know.

There are a few other items that I also included in my own kit that this kit did not but this survival kit is a great start and then you can add on from there.

Contents of this great kit include:

  • 4x 2400 Calorie Datrex Food Rations
  • 24x packs of Datrex Emergency Water (Coast Guard Certified)
  • 1x Lifeline 85-Piece Large Hard Shell First Aid Kit
  • 1x Lifegear LED Flashlight – Lasts 400 hours
  • 4x 12-hour glowsticks
  • 4x Ponchos for severe weather
  • 4x 24-hour Body Warmers
  • 1x 5-1 Emergency Whistle with whistle, compass, flint, storage container
  • 8x Medical grade face masks for dust
  • 1x Pocket Knife
  • 1x Premium Sport Backpack
  • 1x Deluxe Backpack

Again, this kit is a great start for every household. For myself, I’ve added a few other essentials. For example, as mentioned above, I added a small ax. I’ve also added a portable water filter, extra food rations, clothes, waterproof bags for extra money, and personal documents.

In my house, I try to make sure that I have extra jugs of water as well and a good amount of food stocked in the pantry. I know you’ve seen the news just before the hurricane is about to hit an area and water and food are just flying off the shelves. People would be driving from store to store trying to find a place that still has bottled water. I’ve also got portable gas burners with extra butane gas cans and a BBQ grill with propane tanks.

For other disasters such as earthquakes, you’re not going to get a warning. You’ll either need to be prepared or you’re not. Which would you want to be?

You never want to think about the worst possible scenario but it does give you peace of mind when you are somewhat prepared with a survival kit so that you can focus on living your life.

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