USB Rechargeable Flameless Electric Lighter

USB Rechargeable Flameless Electric Lighter? Yes, you read that right. There are now lighters that do not use gas so you will never have to throw any of these away. You just need to recharge them.

For many of you survivalists and preppers, this is one of those must-have items in your gear pack. Yes, there are many other methods of lighting a fire such as tinder, waterproof matches, and so forth. But eventually, all of those will run out.

A rechargeable electric lighter paired together with a Portable Solar Charger will provide you with a working lighter for years and years, as long as you take care of your equipment.

Waterproof Lighter

When the device is closed, it’s completely waterproof. You can drop it into a bucket of water and it will be safe. This is the waterproof lighter you want when you go camping, traveling, hiking, or just adding it as part of your survival or prepper gear. Just make sure the clasp is in a locked position for it to be completely waterproof.

USB Rechargeable

This device can be recharged by any device with a USB output and it will last roughly 2 hours of continuous use on a full charge. Of course, you won’t have it on for 2 hours straight. As mentioned earlier, pair this device with a portable solar charger and you’ll always have a working lighter.

Windproof Arc Lighter

Since this lighter doesn’t put out the traditional flame, the wind won’t blow it out. This type of lighter uses a dual arc plasma type feature so that wind has no effect on it.

Multifunctional Lanyard

This device is an arc, plasma, type lighter. Since it’s not a traditional flame lighter, there are situations where it may not work well. In cases like this, this unit comes with a multifunctional lanyard that doubles as a tinder. Using the lanyard as a tinder cord with this arc lighter, you’ll get the flame you need for those specific situations.

As part of the survival lanyard, it also comes with an emergency whistle for those unexpected survival situations. All-in-all, a USB rechargeable flameless electric lighter is a must-have for any outdoor or survival gear pack.

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