Get Paid to Play Games with Coin Pop

I know I’ve thought about it and I’m sure many of you gamers have thought about it as well. How can I make money playing games? Well, now you can and one of those ways is with Coin Pop.

There are now a few apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store where you can earn money playing some of your favorite games. They won’t make you rich but if you’re going to play them anyway, why not get a little something out of it, right?

The app I’ve been testing for a while now is called “Coin Pop” and I’ve actually cashed out several times now at the $5 level.

The way the app works is they have a list of games that you can install and play to earn Coin Pop coins, which in turn you exchange for real money paid out to PayPal, Steam, or various other options and gift cards such as Amazon, iTunes and so forth.


The list of games that qualify for earning coins changes every so often. But, once you install a game from their list, you’ll always earn coins when you play them.

What was surprising when I first installed this app was that the list of games was actually some of the more popular games. They weren’t the generic unpopular no-fun games. They had games such as Angry Birds, Angry Birds 2, Bejeweled, Solitaire, Guns of Glory, Fishdom, King of Avalon and so many other popular games.

Just remember, the list of featured games you can install changes all the time, and the popular ones may not always show up so if you install this app, be patient and check the list of featured games every so often. I’m sure you’ll find one that you’re already playing that’ll allow you to earn a bit of something back.


How you earn coins is by how long you play the games. When you look at the “My apps” section of the app, it’ll list the games you have installed and for each one, it’ll say something like “Play 3039 seconds to get 519 coins”.

The time and amount of coins are dynamic and will change every so often as well. Also, it doesn’t mean that you have to play for at least 3039 seconds each session to earn those coins. The app keeps track of all the time so let’s say you only played for 200 seconds one session and came back later and played for another 2000 seconds, it’ll keep a tally. You should never lose any time played to earn those coins.


Coin Pop offers many ways to cash out. You can have it deposited directly into your Paypal account or you can get gift cards for various places. The list of places you can get gift cards for is pretty extensive with options such as Paypal, Steam, Amazon, PlayStation, American Eagle, BJ’s Restaurant, Burger King, Chili’s, iTunes, Lowe’s, Macy’s, and many, many more.

Once you select where you want your payout, you’ll get options on how much to cash out starting at $0.50 for a certain amount of Coin Pop coins up to $20. I won’t be listing how many coins you’ll need for each dollar amount as it may change.

But, suffice it to say, this is not a gimmick. There was no particular reason why but I did cash out several times at the $5 dollar amount. This app is real and I’m sure others are as well but I felt like I needed to test this thoroughly before writing about it.

If you play games on your phone, click here to install Coin Pop now and make it even more worthwhile to game! Refer others and you can earn a percentage of what they earn!

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