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My Top Things To Do In Whistler BC Canada

This was our first year visiting Whistler BC Canada and we ended up going twice this year. The first time was part of a short stay in Vancouver as part of a Cruise vacation. We drove up to Whistler for a day trip and fell in love with the place.

The second time we went was a couple of months after that trip and we decided to dedicate one entire trip just for Whistler as we wanted to see and do more.

So, aside from the typical winter activities that you would normally have at a ski resort type location, there’s actually quite a bit to do during the off-season, which is when we went. We were there in July and then again in October 2019.

Whistler to Blackcomb Gondola Loop

There are two Gondolas that can take you up to the two peaks, Whistler and Blackcomb. Each of these peaks is separated by a large valley where you can also take a Peak 2 Peak Gondola to go from one to the other over the valley.

So, the first thing would be to take the Whistler Village Gondola up to the Whistler peak. From there, you can take the Peak Express lifts up even higher and go to the Cloudraker Skybridge, which is one of the highest elevation suspension bridges in the world at 7,200 ft above sea level!

The views from the Whistler Suspension Bridge are magnificent and the best time to go up there is in August.

On the Whistler side, there are plenty of hiking trails to see much more of the beautiful landscape and you can even catch sight of various glaciers. Once you’re done, get on the Peak 2 Peak Gondola and head over to the Blackcomb side.

You can take the Peak 2 Peak Gondola as many times as you want during that day at no extra cost. And, there’s also one special gondola with a glass bottom window so you can see straight down to the valley as you cross it.

On the Blackcomb side, you can take the 7th Heaven Express lift even higher again where you can look down upon the Blackcomb glacier.

Once you’re done on the Blackcomb side, take that gondola down to Whistler Blackcomb and you can meander your way back through the village.

I skipped over a lot of things you can do on each side of the mountains so I suggest you go out there and explore.

Whistler Village

The Whistler Village is a destination among itself. It’s one of the larger ski-resort town villages I’ve been to and one of the best I’ve been to.

You’ve got everything you need right there in the village and you’ll never need to leave to get anything. You’ve got all types of retail shops, even a supermarket at one end of the village. You’ve got all kinds of restaurants, bars, and clubs.

Besides all that, you’ve got the Olympic Park there where they host all sorts of events from concerts to animal shows and children storytimes.

There’s also a beautiful emerald green stream and pond in the village that’s just gorgeous.

In between Whistler and Blackcomb, there’s a Valley Trail walk with a covered bridge over the Fitzsimmons Creek. It’s one of those places where I can sit and enjoy nature all day long.


Just like many mountain resort communities, you’re always going to have places to hike.

From Whistler Village, you can do the Lost Lake loop. During the summer months, Lost Lake would be filled with tons of people.

Up on the mountains, as I mentioned earlier, there’s plenty of hiking trails up there with expansive views all around.

Day Trips

The only time I would leave the Whistler Village area would be to take a day trip down to Squamish for the Sea to Sky Gondola and Shannon Falls. It’s about a 45-minute drive from Whistler but it’s well worth it if you have the time.

There is plenty more to do in and around Whistler but unfortunately, we ran out of time. But, it’s definitely a trip worth taking!

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