Whistler BC Canada

Where To Stay In Whistler BC Canada

While Whistler BC Canada isn’t a large area and people may wonder why it’s important to know where to stay in Whistler since all of the hotels are connected directly to Whistler, there are some key factors to consider.

Yes, it’s very convenient that all the hotels are basically connected directly to Whistler Village and so while you are so close to the action, you can be too close as well.

The biggest factor is noise. Many of the hotels are connected to and above the retail shops, bars, restaurants, and clubs. So, think about it. Do you want to be staying above a bar or club that parties late into the night? I know I don’t and this is one of the biggest complaints I’ve seen from some of the reviews at some hotels there.

The good thing is that the Whistler Village area is fairly large and most of the late-night activities happen only on one side of the village.

The side you want to avoid if you want a quiet’s night sleep is the southern side of Whistler Village, the area between the Whistler Village Gondola and the Whistler Visitor Centre.

The side you want to stay in is the northern side from the Whistler Olympic Plaza over to the Marketplace. Or even the Blackcomb side where you have the beautiful Fairmont Chateau Whistler hotel.

On our last trip to Whistler BC Canada, we stayed in the Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel and loved it. It was beautiful and peaceful at night. The only negative about this hotel, and most of the hotels there, is the underground parking. It’s very tight and at times hard to find a spot if you get back late. Many people end up parking in Lot 3 or 5 nearby.

One night, we decided to take a stroll through the village after 11 pm. From our hotel, the Summit Lodge, it was all nice and quiet. The closer we got to the Village Gate Blvd bridge, the more noise we noticed.

After crossing the bridge into the southern side of Whistler Village, there was definitely much more activity. Restaurants were still open. The bars and clubs were packed and music streaming out all over the place.

So, even if you like the late-night bars and clubs, you still may not want to stay above one if you want a good night’s sleep. The hotels in the other parts of the village are a much better choice.

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