Global Warming

What’s The Deal With Global Warming – Climate Change?

Normally, I don’t discuss a topic that’s politically charged but since this is based on science and facts, I felt the need to say my peace. Global Warming and Climate Change has been a hot topic in the political arena for quite some time and you’ll have people on both sides of the spectrum from those who deny it completely to those who claim doomsday scenarios.

And, oddly enough, those on either side of the spectrum follow along party lines as well, which I don’t understand. Just because you belong to a certain political party you have to follow them blindly on everything? Why?

(By the way, I feel that the political party system is broken and needs to go away but that’s another topic that I won’t be discussing.)

So, you have the Republicans that deny Global Warming and you have many Democrats who acknowledge it with some going as far as doomsday scenarios. So, who’s right?

Here’s the science. Climate Change is a fact of life on earth ever since the beginning. Just like we have our 4 seasons in the year, Earth has another climate cycle that occurs over millions of years.

From what we can tell, Earth has had about 5 Ice Ages starting over 2 billion years ago with the last one starting about 3 million years ago. So, for the last 2 billion years or so, we’ve had periods of Global Warming and Global Cooling. Therefore, Climate Change is a natural part of Earth’s history.

HOWEVER. And I will capitalize, HOWEVER. When Climate Change occurs over long periods of time, such as over millions of years, life on Earth (plant, animal and human life) can easily adapt.

So, here comes the problem. Mankind has accelerated Climate Change. Global Warming is increasing at a much faster rate. This type of acceleration has an adverse effect on all life on Earth.

I don’t know if you have noticed but when we get warmer temperatures towards the end of the winter season, much earlier than usual, this disrupts many things. It disrupts animal hibernation and it disrupts normal crop growth.

With the earlier than normal warmer temperatures, animal and plant life think Spring is already here when it’s not. So, what we get is less than ideal crops, smaller and less mature yields, and so it does disrupt our food supply.

If we continue to accelerate Global Warming, we can start to see mass extinctions in plants and wildlife as they are not able to adapt fast enough.

We have already seen an uptick in erratic and more frequent extreme weather conditions. We have more hurricanes and most areas are seeing record temps that have never been experienced in recorded history.

It’s not a doomsday scenario in my opinion for humans as we are smart enough to adapt, but it can be a doomsday scenario for many plants and wildlife.

Climate Change is a fact of life but mankind has accelerated the Global Warming process and this is not good. Even if we have the capability to reverse Global Warming altogether, we should not. But, we should slow it down to reverse the effects we have put on the natural Climate Change process.

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