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Apple iPhone 11 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 – The REAL Comparison

I’m going to start off by saying that this won’t be your typical Apple iPhone 11 to Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone comparison. First off, comparing an Apple product to Samsung isn’t an apple to apple (no pun intended) comparison.

Many of the other comparison articles will spout out specs and compare which processor, screen or camera is better by the numbers. Here’s the truth when it comes to these comparisons, IT DOESN’T MATTER!

Processor Performance

For the average smartphone user, the processor and screen performance for any of the smartphones on the market are more than enough to satisfy most users. If you have a current-generation smartphone, you will more than likely never push the phone to its limits until the phone is probably 3 yrs old and I’ll explain in another article why it seems to slow down by then.

Yes, some reviewers will run speed tests to show which phone is faster than the other or at least compare processor specs. But seriously, in real-world conditions, IT DOESN’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

When you’re checking your emails on your phone or even watching YouTube videos, you’re not even close to pushing the phone to its limit where you may even see a tiny bit of difference between the two phones.

Screen Brightness & Resolutions

Here’s another shocker. When it comes to screen resolution and performance, again IT DOESN’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE between the two phones and manufacturers.

Most people don’t even know that when they get their phones, it’s not even set to the highest resolution but it looks great already!

So, when a reviewer compares the screen resolutions of the two phones, odds are, when you get the phone, you’re not even set to those high resolutions and I’m sure you’re probably already thinking it looks great.

And, more than likely, it does look great because the resolution that these phones come set at by default is already much higher than your TV at home, on a much smaller screen.

Again, when you’re checking emails or using other popular apps, it doesn’t make a difference in how high the resolution is on any of the smartphones on the market. All those apps look just the same even with the lowest resolution setting available on the phone.

In regards to the screen brightness, you might say that the iPhone 11 is brighter than the Samsung Galaxy S10. Well, guess what, it’s adjustable! So how can you compare the two when it’s adjustable? Max Brightness? Max Brightness is too bright in most situations unless you’re outdoors in bright sunlight and then both phones still work just fine.

Camera Comparison

Most reviewers will compare the cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro Max versus Galaxy S10 Plus as both have 3 cameras. Will your phone really take better pictures with 3 cameras than just 1?

Guess what I’m going to say, IT DOESN’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE how many cameras you have because, at any given time, only 1 of the cameras is working.

Each of the 3 cameras is set for different focal lengths and whatnot. When you’re taking a regular picture of a subject that’s only 20-30 feet away and you’re not zoomed in, only 1 camera is working to take the picture.

The other 2 cameras don’t kick in until you start zooming in and again, only one at a time depending on how far you’re zooming in.

When smartphones only had 1 camera and you had “digital” zoom, meaning that you can zoom on the screen, it’s software-driven or digital zooming and not true zoom. The results couldn’t compare to hardware zooming.

Do you remember the old 35mm cameras with the big long lens attachments that you would physically rotate for zooming, that’s true hardware zooming with the best performance.

Of course, smartphone manufacturers couldn’t add on the huge lens attachments for zooming so they did the next thing they could think of, adding multiple cameras with different focal lengths tuned for long-distance captures.

Odds are, most people won’t even use the 2nd or 3rd camera. If you’re at the Grand Canyon and you’re zooming in as far as you can, then you’re using the 3rd camera.

Finally, the only reason your iPhone 11 pictures may look better than previous generation iPhones is that the main camera, camera 1 of 3, is better in specs than before. So, it’s NOT the number of cameras your phone has, it’s the quality of each of the cameras itself.

Seriously, if you’re not a professional photographer, the cameras on either the iPhone 11 or Galaxy S10 is more than enough for you. Do you know why?

When you share your images on social media, all of those images are compressed and downscaled from the original on your phone. So, did it matter which phone took it? No. Both would be downscaled to the same resolution for viewing.

So, Which Phone Is Better?

The real question is, Which Phone Is Better For You? This really comes down to personal preference.

Both flagship series smartphones from Apple and Samsung are more than enough for most people. After that, it comes down to which you personally like better and are more familiar with.

I won’t go much further than that as smartphones for some people are almost like a fashion statement, so I think I’ll leave my feelings on that to myself.

Here’s another reason why the specs don’t matter. Apple releases its new phones toward the end of the year while Samsung releases theirs early in the year.

When it comes to specs, each time Samsung and Apple release their new smartphone, it’ll be better in specs than what’s currently on the market for the competitor and it’ll keep going back and forth between the two.

So, are you likely to go back and forth between Apple and Samsung based on specs? I don’t think so.

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