About Us

GCYtek was founded as a blog about technology-related consumer-based products, some new and some old. I may not write about the latest and greatest and be the first to report on the latest smartphone, but I will write about the pros and cons of it all.

I have since expanded GCYtek to include product listings through the Amazon Associates program. The products I have included are products that I would recommend and use myself.

As a child, I  was the typical engineer-minded kid that took everything apart. I wanted to know how things worked and while I was not able to always figure it out, my curiosity did not go away. In my early teen years, I was already soldering basic circuits together, repairing and modifying electronic devices. Back then, there was no internet to refer to, and over time, through education and discussions with those who know, I was able to figure things out and eventually would always think about how to make it better, to improve the technology or make it more practical. I built my first computer in my teens and continue to build my own to this day. Due to my interests in all technological areas, my educational background covers both electrical engineering and software engineering while I dabbled with mechanical engineering on the side.

My professional career spans many industries. I’ve worked on internet companies, IT, engineering at a high power electronics company, switched to the computer industry, and worked with Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Microsoft and worked with overseas electronics manufacturers in this industry. With personal experience of knowing what it takes to go from the design stage to production, I can understand where some companies have to make certain decisions on the technical specifications almost up to a year before the public even sees the product and therefore, in any of my articles, I try not to fault design decisions that I know had to be made months, if not up to a year before if it doesn’t make sense today. In product development and management, you have to make decisions hoping that by the time the product is released, that it’s still relevant and competitive based on all your research and the available technology at the time.

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